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Although Maytag was purchased by Whirlpool in 2006, the Maytag date code continues to be used.

Maytag Date Codes

The breakdown for Maytag Serial Numbers is:

1st Alpha Character (9th position) = Year Manufactured
2nd Alpha Character (10th position) = Month Manufactured

Maytag (USA) - 12 Year Cycling Code
Code Year Year
E 1980 2004
G 1981 2005
J 1982 2006
L 1983 2007
N 1984 2008;
P 1985 2009
R 1986 2010
T 1987 2011
V 1988 2012
X 1989 2013
B 1990 2014
D 1991  
F 1992  
H 1993  
K 1994  
M 1995  
Q 1996  
S 1997  
U 1998  
W 1999  
Y 2000  
Z 2001  
A 2002  
C 2003  
Maytag Month Code
Code Year
A January
B January
C February
D February
E March
F March
G April
H April
J May
K May
L June
M June
N July
Q July
P August
S August
R September
U September
T October
W October
V November
Y November
X December
Z December

Examples of GE / Hotpoint Date Codes:

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Amanda Dryer Tag
For Example, Amana Dryer Model No.: NDE2330AYW with
SN: 12772864EL was manufactured in June 2004 (F06-013)
Jenn-Air Range Tag
For Example, Jenn-Air Range Model No.: S156 with
SN: 17657865KM was manufactured in June 1994 (F06-013).
Jenn-Air Double Oven Tag
Jenn-Air Double Oven, Model No.: WW27210B with
SN: 12150883QY was manufactured in November 1996.
Jenn-Air Range Tag
Jenn-Air Smooth top Range, Model No.: JES8750BAB with SN: 16240783NR was manufactured in September 2008